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Spring Start Up
We provide a full check of your system at the start of the season by turning the system on, adjusting heads as needed, and making note of any adjustments that need to be made in order to get the system up and running properly and efficiently. Evergreen’s services are not limited to our existing customers, the same services are provided to new customers as well.

Evergreen Lawn Sprinklers LLC provides a professional irrigation system. All of our installed systems meet or exceed all local and state codes. Using the latest techniques, Evergreen will provide proper water coverage for all types of landscapes.

Backflow Prevention
Evergreen Lawn Sprinklers LLC services and repairs all types of backflow preventers. A backflow preventer prevents debris from the irrigation system from entering the public or household water supply. A Backflow preventer is required by the state of New Jersey. If your irrigation system does not currently include a backflow preventer it can easily be added.

Drip Irrigation
Drip irrigation provides plants with a direct and specific watering schedule. By using a drip method, the soil takes in the water directly ensuring the root of the plant gets enough water to grow. Drip irrigation that is installed in a mulched landscape will stay moist longer and require less water. If your irrigation system does not currently include any drip systems, they can easily be added.

Sprinkler Heads
Evergreen Lawn Sprinklers LLC installs, and services all types of sprinkler heads. Many different types of heads provide specific watering for the application a hand. Rotary heads are used to provide watering for large areas such as grass. When installing sprinkler heads Green-Lawn uses a method called Head to Head Coverage. Head to Head Coverage provides the area with even water coverage. Mist heads are used in close areas to provide direct and constant mists of water. Mist sprinkler heads can be adjusted to travel from 0 degrees to 360 degrees. They provide flexibility in watering specific landscapes.

Rain Sensors
Rain sensors cut down on the waste of water. They tell the system to stop watering when it starts to rain. It will signal the system to resume programmed schedule when landscape requires water.

Winterizing, or closing the system it a good idea to help protect your system in the freezing months. Due to the winter weather sprinkler systems must be drained of all remaining water. If a system is not winterize, it runs the risk of freezing and breaking crucial parts to the system. By closing the system and draining it of water each year we eliminate the risk of the system freezing. We can perform this service on all types of sprinkler systems.

Other Services we provide

Spring Activation
Repair Service all makes and models
Fall winterizations
Pump Replacement
Underground boring
Conduit installation for Cable or Electric
Backflow testing and certification
Assessments of Older Systems

Installation process
We use a Ditch Witch viboratory plow that pulls the pipe (up to 2"in diameter) under the ground as with any procedure there will be some damage and scaring this depends upon ground conditions at the time of installation. If the ground is hard and dry without water for any extend period of time there will be more damage. ( Don’t let anyone tell you that there will be no damage)

The design is one of the most important parts of the system. Making sure that you are using the same type of head on the zone. You do not want to mix different types of heads sprays and rotors on the same zone.  Making sure that you are watering certain hydro zones

In designing a system we try to set it up to make service and repairs as easy as possible.

We will design the system for future expansion.

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